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Proper Draft for the Wood Stove

It dawned on me that I hadn't actually updated you guys on the recent goings-on with the wood stove. Perhaps you remember that when we installed the stove pipe, we had only gone about 36" or so above the nook... Continue Reading →


An Unexpected Gift

"Hey, I've been talking with Nick," our neighbor Josh said over the phone, "and we've decided to put your roof on for you tomorrow. You don't need to be home, as long as all the supplies are there. It's supposed to... Continue Reading →

Installing the Wood Stove

At just over 800 square feet, we didn't need a huge wood stove for our cabin, but we wanted something that we'd enjoy, well, hopefully for the rest of our lives. A few things were important to us. We didn't... Continue Reading →

A Great Idea? Notsomuch.

I had this great idea last spring: move out on the property, build a log cabin - not to finished status,mind you, but just dried in for the autumn and winter - then take a break for the winter and... Continue Reading →

Building the Cabin – First Story

For this, the last house we plan on building, we've decided to build using 6"x 6" four-sided logs. The floor plan is for a two-story 16'x 24' with an additional one-story nook (approximately 6' wide and 12' long) which has the... Continue Reading →

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