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Proper Draft for the Wood Stove

It dawned on me that I ´╗┐hadn't actually updated you guys on the recent goings-on with the wood stove. Perhaps you remember that when we installed the stove pipe, we had only gone about 36" or so above the nook... Continue Reading →


Adventures in Firewood

Hi guys. I wanted to touch base and share what's happening out here. We've been having single-digits down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. So not much gets done at those temps. We've basically been hunkering down trying to stay warm. Drinking... Continue Reading →

Installing the Wood Stove

At just over 800 square feet, we didn't need a huge wood stove for our cabin, but we wanted something that we'd enjoy, well, hopefully for the rest of our lives. A few things were important to us. We didn't... Continue Reading →

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