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Spring Finally Arrived, Sort Of

Well folks, spring, I believe, has finally arrived to our slice of the world. It's mid-April and we've seen a huge difference in the weather in the last few weeks. Temps have been up to the mid-40s and down in... Continue Reading →


Revisiting Reducing

We are approaching a year being back out of town and out on our land, off-grid. Because our living situation was up in the air at the time of the move, what with moving out of our apartment initially into a... Continue Reading →

Proper Draft for the Wood Stove

It dawned on me that I hadn't actually updated you guys on the recent goings-on with the wood stove. Perhaps you remember that when we installed the stove pipe, we had only gone about 36" or so above the nook... Continue Reading →

Thankfulness Part 2

Gosh, my heart is just so full of gratitude right now, I just had to share some more. I hope you don't mind but it spilleth over. Haha! Wood Stove - I really appreciate having heat. In desperation the other... Continue Reading →

Staying Thankful

Lately I've been so so ready for warmer temps and longer days and everything that comes with spring, summer, and autumn. Days when the outside air warms, the grass turns green and takes over everything, the fireweed comes up and blooms,... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Firewood

Hi guys. I wanted to touch base and share what's happening out here. We've been having single-digits down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. So not much gets done at those temps. We've basically been hunkering down trying to stay warm. Drinking... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Looking Back

By: Mr. Open Sky During the year prior to our move I had many large decisions to make. One being since we were in essence “car free” we were going to need to acquire another vehicle. I am one who... Continue Reading →

Hindsight is always…

Mr. Open Sky and I were discussing the steps that led us to where we are today and the thought processes. The decisions and the mistakes. Like they say, hindsight really is 20/20. I want to share some of that... Continue Reading →

Budgeting – Part 2

Okay, so have you got your budget in place? Great. Good luck to you! Over time, but hopefully within the first month, you should feel some pressure release from the stress of wondering if you’ll get that one bill paid.... Continue Reading →

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