Well folks, spring, I believe, has finally arrived to our slice of the world. It’s mid-April and we’ve seen a huge difference in the weather in the last few weeks. Temps have been up to the mid-40s and down in the mid-20s, generally speaking. 

Suddenly, there’s a lot to do around here. There’s brush clean-up, next winter’s firewood to harvest, things to plant, oh and I don’t know….maybe we could get the upstairs livable too!

Downstairs, we had put the faux wall up, creating a living space approximately 8′ by 22′ for the three of us. Well, it’s official. I took that wall down a couple days ago and hallelujah it’s glorious. We’ve got a 16′ by 24′ with the added 6′ by 12′ nook’s worth of living space! It’s lovely and almost roomy (even with boxes stacked everywhere). I’ve been majorly rearranging our belongings and making it more and more homey in here every day, amidst the normal chores. 

I’ve been concentrating a bit on the “kitchen area” but as I’ve been bringing boxes home from storage, I’ve been finding some little treasures I haven’t seen for a year. Little bits of artwork or other things that make me happy. So, yeah, I can see right through half the logs and there are 2″ gaps above the windows and one of the doors is still a big hole with pink foam board screwed over it and when it rains it leaks in from the upstairs …. but I hung some art up! Hahaha! Oh yes, I did. And it quite makes me happy to see it.

Next, we’re going to go back to working on getting the walls in upstairs, to enclose it and keep the future rains out. I’d love to get it livable for next winter, but I’m not pinning my hopes on it yet, seeing how the last year went. I’m going to try to concentrate on taking it one step at a time and just keep at it, no matter what comes our way.

I also need to get a small enclosure built for the baby goats we bought. We haven’t brought them home yet, as they aren’t weaned, but will be doing so next month. I can’t wait to show you guys because they are so cute!

So, yes, spring is here and the quiet, slow days of winter are fading rapidly. Currently we have 15 hours of daylight so we need to make the best use of it as possible. The ground is still frozen, there are snow patches in deep shady spots, but we’ve definitely arrived! Happy Spring!