We are approaching a year being back out of town and out on our land, off-grid. Because our living situation was up in the air at the time of the move, what with moving out of our apartment initially into a small dry cabin about a half-mile from our land….then that cabin sold shortly after we moved there and we found ourselves buying a canvas tent to live on our land for the summer. We put most of our belongings and tools into a storage unit because we had nowhere else to leave it where it would be safe and dry.

Now that we are in our cabin with a little more room and being moderately dry, I’ve pulled some of that stored stuff out. I had food in there that we’ve now brought home. Little Girl has outgrown clothes and I’ve had to bring out the next size. We’ve gone from summer clothes to winter clothes…..and so on. Now I’m thinking about all those boxes and totes of stuff. And I’m feeling weighed down with “belongings” again.

I need to simplify again. Reduce. That $65 a month to the storage unit is weighing on me. I don’t want to pay to store our things.

I was pretty brutal when I was packing to move out here. Got rid of (I thought) everything I wasn’t going to use in the next five years. Now I’m remembering some of that stuff and wondering if maybe I wasn’t brutal enough.

I brought a half dozen boxes home the other day and opened them up. I think my biggest error that I’ve noticed so far was in keeping certain toys for Little Girl. Generally, we don’t have a ton of toys but I do cycle through them. Pulling just a small amount out at a time and then a little later on putting those away and bringing out others. In this way I’ve found that she plays with them better and when I bring out a different batch, it’s almost like they are brand new again to her. I also regularly weed out unused ones. If she hasn’t played with something in two months then I get rid of it.

So, in a year’s time she has mentally outgrown a lot of the toys and learning games that I had packed away. Granted, when I packed our stuff up it was in the assumption it would all be out with us in about four months…..not twelve (or more). But still….I see that I will be getting rid of quite a bit of things. 

The other thing I’ve noticed is that over this past year I’ve come to the realization (again) that I really can live with less and more simply than I had gotten used to when living in town. Little things here and there that supposedly would make life easier. But if those things are owning me, then my life isn’t in fact getting easier; it’s getting more cluttered.

Well, now I’ve decided that every time I go in to town (which has been once every two weeks lately), I’m going to bring a few boxes home and start weeding more stuff out. Space is at a premium in here so I know I need to be ruthless. And now that I’ve got an even better idea of what I want living here, I can make better decisions for what to keep and what to ditch.

It might be that springtime always makes me want to clean up my home, or it might be that I’m just re-evaluating a lot of things in my life right now. Either way, a reduction of unneeded stuff in my life is in order.