Hi guys. I wanted to touch base and share what’s happening out here. We’ve been having single-digits down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. So not much gets done at those temps. We’ve basically been hunkering down trying to stay warm. Drinking lots of hot cocoa. You know the drill. While that may not be chilly according to some parts of the world, it’s cold enough for us! The water stays frozen, tools disagree with being used, and fingers lose feeling after five minutes. So, yeah, we’ve been majorly hibernating.

The only real adventure I can share may come off more as complaining than sharing, but I’m going to put it out there regardless…..While we can and have cut down some dead standing trees on our land, this year we wanted to just concentrate on building the cabin and (minorly) clearing some of the brush. Therefore we had decided to purchase cords of seasoned wood for the wood stove.

The first guy we ordered from gave us a “deal” to order two cords. He guaranteed the wood was seasoned and dry. He also guaranteed that all the wood was 12-14 inches in length, as that was supposedly the size he had to burn in his little wood stove, too. Well, he delivered wood. But NONE of it was under 16″ nor was it seasoned nor was it two cords. There *might* be one cord there. Maybe. So we paid double for green, too large wood. Mr. Open Sky will have to cut each and every piece on his radial arm saw so that they will fit in the stove next winter after they’ve seasoned. He’s done some of it so far, but it’s going to be a long tedious process. BUST.

The next guy we ordered from was supposed to deliver on the 27th of November. He never showed up or contacted us. Then about a week ago (this is a month-and-a-half later, mind you) he texted me to ask if we were still needing wood. I said, yes, we were still waiting for him to deliver the promised cord. He said he’d meet me at 4:30pm a few days later. He showed up at 7pm. Ugh. You know, by then it’s pitch black and it was 5 degrees out here. He had some story about wrecking his truck a few days earlier and it was a bad day for him. But I told him to just unload it and get it over with. Well, not being able to really see in the dark, it wasn’t until the next day that we saw we got ripped off again. There might be 1/2 of a cord there. I’d say about half of that is actually the correct size. The rest is way too long, punky, or plain ole rotten. The good stuff IS seasoned, fortunately, but again, we paid way too much. Partial Bust.

I’ve talked to some other people around here and this seems to be the norm. I guess people don’t know what a cord is. I think we’ll spend some time this spring falling trees to get it ready for the next couple winters. I even talked to another woman who was ripped off in the exact same way as us with that second guy. Same story, same ripped off amount, same uneven sizes. As for the first guy, we see he’s actually in jail right now, something to do with meth. Great. I feel unclean supporting his habit. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s been our firewood adventure so far. But I’m glad that we are warm and safe and dry right now and I’m still hopeful we can nail down an honest person that won’t cost a bunch to deliver. Also, the forecast is showing temps in the high-20’s to mid-30’s for the next couple weeks. I’m feeling pretty good about that. I know it’s only January….but I think I’m ready for 30+ degree weather again!