Winter in Alaska means slow days, cold, and darkness. Normally we like to hibernate the long winter away: hot cocoa, books, and the PS3. This year, though, is a different story for the Open Skies Farmstead. Building our log cabin is taking a lot longer than we had anticipated, with all sorts of problems and weather happening. What we had hoped to have livable by the end of August still hasn’t happened here in mid-December. Therefore, I’m initially going to talk more about what has happened the past year or so than current events.

I want to invite you to join our little family as we have embarked on this journey, living our dream of moving from a small-city lifestyle to total off-grid living here in rural Alaska. I encourage you to leave comments asking us questions about our transition, our decision-making process, and where we see ourselves moving on to from here.

I’m mostly doing this blog for myself but I want to ask you to come along with us, too. Together we can travel this road and see where it leads us. Maybe our mistakes can help you or yours can help us or we can inspire you to make even one little step to a different way of thinking or living. As such, I will be discussing all sorts of aspects of our lives. I’ll be sharing about crunchy living, off-grid living, farmsteading, life in rural Alaska, and parenting subjects like unschooling and grieving the loss of a child.